Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here are a few questions we receive about auto body car repair and what to expect when dealing with an ICBC claim.

• What do I do if I’m involved in an accident?

It’s always best to report every accident to the police to ensure an accurate written report is on file in case problems arise. Take names, addresses, license plate numbers and phone numbers of all parties involved and those of any witnesses to the accident.

• Who is responsible for the cost of repairs?

Most policies state that the insurance company will pay for the loss, less any applicable deductibles or depreciation. An insurance company will issue a check made out to the repair facility, for the amount of the estimate. Shops that are on a direct repair program with your insurance company, such as Horizon Auto Body, can have a check issued directly to them by simply obtaining your signature upon completion of your vehicle.

• How long will the repairs take?

On an average, a vehicle takes 1-2 days to repair. Larger repairs can take longer and there are always factors to consider, such as parts availability, insurance company authorization and additional damage not detected upon initial inspection. We will make every effort to repair your vehicle in a timely manner and keep you informed on the progress of your vehicle.

• Are you going to use “after market parts” or “used parts” to repair my vehicle?

There are times when an insurance company will require us to use such parts if your policy mandates the use of them. Otherwise, we use only original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts. Regardless, the lifetime guarantee still applies.

• While you’re at it, can you fix the dent on the other side, too?

Yes, but it cannot be covered by ICBC. This is another often-heard question in this industry. The truth is this that shops cannot legitimately include non-accident related damage in the price of the repair. However, additional repairs can usually be done at a significantly lower cost to you.

• Who do I pay my insurance deductible to?

Your deductible is payable to the repair shop upon completion of the repair.

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