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ICBC acronym stands for Insurance Company of British Columbia. Everyone in BC or British Columbia which is a province in Canada uses this insurance company to insure their vehicles for collision and comprehensive coverage. They also have extra coverage that insure you when you are using your vehicle in the USA. An ICBC Repair shop is a body shop or collision center who works closely with ICBC.

When you buy a car you have to go to the auto plan agency. This is where you can choose your coverage to insure your vehicle. We have to buy the minimum coverage to be issued a plate that covers liability. Collision coverage is optional. you can also choose the amount you would want your deductible to be. Typically it is $300, $500, $750, or $1000. 

Every year you drive without getting in an accident you get a discount on your insurance rates. All drivers start at a base rate and receive discounts every year or if they get in an accident they can have a surcharge in their rates. There is a claim scale ladder to represent your current position with a saving percentage discount. This is available to view online or we have one that can be viewed. We can help you navigate to see if your insurance rates will go up or not.

When you get in an accident you would get the other party’s info and call ICBC to make the claim or you can use their online form to submit a claim. It takes minimum 3 days for you to receive your claim # number. On the telephone you have once your call is finished. It typically is a 10 minute call with no real waits.


Once you have your claim you can call or email us here at Horizon Auto Body to have your car assessed. ICBC allows shops that are ICBC accredited to write and assess the damages to your car. We can do all the processing of the claim related to the vehicle. ICBC has different notations for the levels of shops – an ICBC vendor which means you can have your car fixed and seek reimbursement to be paid back or go to a ICBC accredited valet shop which can even pick up your car and drop off a courtesy car, and when the repairs are done they can drop off your car. ICBC allows body shops to provide courtesy cars while your car is being fixed. Horizon Auto Body has some nice courtesy vehicles compared to the market. ICBC claim repair body is what we are known as ICBC repair shop in all of the Lower mainland is what we serve. We can even come to your home or work as long as you have a claim # and take all the pictures of the damage and email it to ICBC. We have our own call center to help with this. Becoming an ICBC accredited body shop is a prestigious thing as we have to have yearly training just to maintain this level of ICBC accreditation. Our Burnaby Shop is ICBC accredited and ICBC valet shops providing pickup and drop off of vehicles. If you have been in an accident, sometimes you pay a deductible if it is your fault, if it is not your fault ICBC will waive your deductible, this means you don’t pay anything when you pick up your car. Sometimes it takes ICBC some time to get all the facts before they make this decision.


ICBC also offers comprehensive coverage. This covers all other types of damage from theft of the vehicle to broken windows, key scratches, car hit and run coverage, vandalism, stone chips etc. These are covered by paying your deductible. Horizon Auto Body is the ICBC body shop that people love and is the best body shop in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland. We offer a very good and convenient location that is central and easy for people to drop off their cars to get ICBC claims fixed. ICBC certified shops like us are called ICBC accredited. Some people refer to them as valet shops or ICBC valets. All terms are correct. ICBC has had some talks of changing their roadster coverage and programs for discounts of their roadster or roadside plus programs. ICBC even offers discounts on the age of driver experience. ICBC accredited shops are considered the best in Canada and america. ICBC had these body shops doing a great job on fixing peoples cars right.

We work with all major insurance companies and we’re an ICBC Accredited Valet Express Repair Shop, meaning you can bring your vehicle directly to us for an estimate on ICBC insurance claims. We will pick up your damaged vehicle and provide a free loaner car for you to drive while your car is being repaired.


Auto accidents raise many questions, such as…

  • Who do I take my car to?
  • What about insurance?
  • How will I get a rental car?
  • How long will it take to fix my car?

At Horizon Auto Body, our goal is to make the auto body repair process as seamless as possible, from your first call to our shop to delivering your fully-repaired vehicle to your driveway. We don’t play games, we don’t delay getting to work, and we believe you deserve the best!


  • Compose a computerized estimate.
  • Handle the insurance paperwork.
  • Order the parts.
  • Arrange a rental vehicle if necessary.
  • Repair your vehicle.
  • Call you to pick up or deliver your repaired vehicle.

According to ICBC, we are one of the best auto body shops in Burnaby, BC (serving all of the Lower Mainland). See what our customers have to say about our auto body shop! How Does Our Car Repair Shop Meet All of Our Customers’ Needs? We go to your location of preference for an estimate (home, work, and anywhere in between!), or to pick-up your vehicle for repairs. If you need a courtesy car, we bring one to you and swap it with your vehicle. After the repairs are completed, we deliver your car back to you. It’s that easy!

The Benefits of Choosing Horizon Auto Body:

  • Personal advice (i.e. Is going through my insurance worth it?) that can save you big $$$
  • Less back-and-forth so you save a lot of time 
  • No extra costs or hidden fees
  • Smaller carbon footprint to help save the environment 

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