Hassle Free ICBC Collision Repairs

No matter how big or how small the damage to your vehicle, we have the skills, tools and know-how to get you back on the road, and back to normal life, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We offer a full range of autobody and ICBC collision repairs services at our Burnaby location. Our satisfied customers come from all over the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, to take advantage of our advanced levels of customer care and exceptional auto repairs in what we know can be a stressful time.

Note: We don’t do mechanical auto body work (brake jobs, oil changes), and windshield work.

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Horizon Auto Body Offers Complete Auto Body ICBC Repairs

Horizon Auto Body is a full-service auto body repair shop in Burnaby, British Columbia that has been operating since 2004. We have a team of certified auto body specialists who work within our state-of-the-art facility. Our experienced staff members will adeptly guide you through the entire auto body or collision repair process. We will help you deal with your insurance company, keep you informed about the work we perform on your vehicle, and take care of every detail along the way. Our all-encompassing auto body services include minor repairs, auto glass and windshield repair, paint collision repairs, and vandalism repairs. Call or visit us today to learn more about what each focus entails.

We Will Deal with Insurance Companies for You

Dealing with insurance companies is one of the many hassles and stressors associated with auto body and collision repairs. But it does not have to be that way. Horizon Auto Body takes an innovative business approach and is happy to help facilitate the process by working directly with your insurance carrier. Our staff is knowledgeable about insurance practices and will use our experience to help orchestrate a favorable outcome for you and your provider. We are an Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) Express Valet shop and enjoy full accreditation with the organization. We also work with other insurance companies, both in and out of British Columbia, to assist with the insurance claims process. Do not let your apprehension about dealing with insurance overwhelm you or cause you to delay much-needed car body repairs. Let our dedicated staff be your advocate. We will ensure that your claim is processed quickly, efficiently, and without hidden costs so that you can get back behind the wheel of your car in no time!

Take Advantage of Our Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

When your car needs repairs or service at Horizon Auto Body in Burnaby, BC, you may be stranded without transportation. As a full-service ICBC Valet shop, we provide complimentary pick-up and drop-off services to make things easier for you. We will happily transport you to and from our autos body centers as part of our comprehensive collision repair services. Additionally, we have a fleet of courtesy vehicles available for use while your car is in our collision center. We are proud of being able to minimize the hassles and aggravations of having a car in the shop by accommodating as many of our customers’ transportation needs as possible.

We Offer a Drive-Thru Service for Your Convenience

At Horizon Auto Body, we aim to make your auto body repairs in Burnaby, BC as quick and as smooth as possible. For that reason, we do not require you to make an appointment with us. Our ICBC accredited body shop offers a convenient drive-thru service that takes photos of your vehicle and helps us assess the damage and devise a plan to perform your collision repairs, regardless of their scope. We will then discuss a course of action with you detailing our suggestions and price estimates.

Visit Our Auto Body Repair Shop in Burnaby, BC Today

Dealing with automotive body repairs and collision repairs, insurance companies, and finding transportation while your car is being serviced is stressful. But Horizon Auto Body is committed to mitigating your aggravation by taking care of the entire process from start to finish. Not only do we help ease your stress while your car is being repaired, but we eliminate it moving forward. We guarantee all of our work is free from defects in craftsmanship and the materials we use for as long as you maintain ownership of the car. Visit our auto body repair shop in Burnaby, BC today for a free estimate!

Horizon Auto Body Is a Fully Accredited ICBC Valet Express Facility With Top Ratings

ICBC accredited collision repair facilities achieve and maintain the highest standards for customer service and quality repairs. These standards are proven through detailed ICBC audit and inspection processes that ensure these systems, equipment and training are sustained and updated continuously to keep up with modern automotive technology.

Modern vehicles are equipped with increasingly complex technology. These advancements are making vehicles safer but, in the event of a claim, have increased the need for specialized equipment and technician training to help ensure the best possible repair for these vehicles.

When selecting a repair facility for an ICBC claim, customers want to be confident that the one they choose has the equipment, trained staff and specialized services to ensure a safe, proper, and prompt repair.

With ICBC’s updated equipment and training requirements, including recognition of all industry and manufacturer certifications, you can trust ICBC Repair Network facilities to have the capability to repair today’s vehicles according to original manufacturer repair procedures.

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